Building Regulations in Wales
Part G - Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency

The Building Regulations Approved Documents G relates to the necessary hygiene provisions required for the building users

It is concerned with the minimum provisions required to protect the health, safety and welfare of the building users, whether it is for cold water supply, hot water supply systems, sanitary and bathroom provisions, domestic and other building types.

What this means, is that the building constructed under Part G requirements are ensuring suitable hygienic measures for building users are provided.

Sanitation part G Wales

The requirements can be found in the communities Approved Document Part G, which are as follows;
  • G1 – Cold water supply
  • G2 – Water efficiency
  • G3 - Hot water supply and system
  • G4 – Sanitary conveniences and washing facilities
  • G5 – Bathrooms
  • G6 – Kitchens and food preparation areas

Recent Changes

The last time Part G was changed was back in 2010, which replaced the 1992 (Inc. 1992 amendments) edition. The main changes made in 2010 edition, which included both legal and technical changes, are as follows;

Legal Changes

  • The 2010 edition had three requirements added, to increase the requirements to six requirements within the Approved Document.
  • New G1 requirement was introduced on the supply of wholesome water for the purpose of drinking or food preparation. It requires the supply of wholesome water or softened wholesome water for washing and allows the provision of water of a suitable quality to sanitary conveniences fitted with a flushing device.
  • G2 and Regulation 36 set out the new requirements on water efficiency in dwellings. The introduction of the ‘water efficiency calculation ‘requirement.
  • G3 requirement was improved and amended on hot water supply matters and safety. It applies safety provisions to all types of Hot water System and a new provision on the prevention of scalding
  • G4 requirements set out minimum standards for sanitary conveniences and hand washing facilities
  • G5 requirements set out minimum standards for bathrooms, which apply to dwellings and to buildings containing one or more rooms for residential purposes
  • G6 requirements contains a new provision requiring sinks to be provided in areas where food is prepared
  • Part G requirements relating to provisions for ‘change of use have been changed. Where a building is being converted into a new dwelling or providing new flats, the water efficiency G2 and Regulation 36 requirements are applied. Requirement G3 (4) relating to the Hot water safety also applies to change of use.
  • G1 requirements (cold water supply) and hot water supply and systems in G3 has been extended to include domestic buildings, including greenhouses, small detached buildings, extensions to buildings (i.e. conservatory)
  • A building notice application is required to be submitted for work on an unvented hot water system and be accompanied with a statement giving certain details of the unvented hot water system and the installer has been revoked
  • Regulation 17 of the Building Regulations 2000 has been amended to state that Local authority is unlikely to issue completion certificate for new dwellings until it has received the calculated potential consumption of wholesome water per person per day.


  • G3 (1) was a new requirement that states the need to provide hot water to baths, bidets, showers, washbasins and sinks
  • G3 (2) was a new requirement that extends additional measures to ensure safe operation of all types of hot water systems. It included the controls and other safety devices to prevent temperature exceeding 100 degrees Celsius and robust installation
  • G3 (3) embodies previous G3 requirements and applies to all hot water storage systems. It includes primary thermal stores
  • G3 (4) was a new requirement for the prevention of scalding through the installation of protective devices that limit the temperature of water supplied to fixed baths.
  • G4 requirement includes additional guidance provided on the separation of sanitary accommodation from places used for food preparation.

Future Changes

Since the powers of Building Regulations were devolved to the Welsh government on the 31 December 2011. Any future changes to be made to the Welsh Building Control system, are possibly under consideration. Until consultation is made public, it would appear they would continue with the Building Control System they operated with England until further decisions are made by the welsh ministers
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